Welcome to the 2050’s AD.

You are in a world where magic is as common as the technology that today’s techies would drool over. This is an earth where the worlds’ governments are hollow shells ruled by massive globe spanning Megacorperations, and Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Trolls (Called Metahumans) walk the world again.

You are a Shadowrunner, a catch all term for the assassins, hackers, thieves, and mages that are hired to perform missions (often illegal) for a variety of clients (including the Megacorperations’ employees) who either want to have a smoke screen of plausible deniability or are lacking the abilities to do the job themselves. They contact you through a negotiator usually called ‘Mr. Johnson’ for the sake of Anonymity, who outlines what the clients want and will pay you when the mission’s over.

No matter what the mission is, you had better be sure that you’re armed to the teeth and your premiums for DocWagon are paid. After all, if the job was easy or safe, they’d probably cut your fee out of it and do it themselves.

(On a side note, we will be starting with 1st edition’s rulebook)

Shadowrun: A Runner's Legacy