Character Archetype: Elven Decker



Body: 2; Quickness: 5; Stregnth: 2; Charisma: 3; Intelligence: 5; Willpower: 4; Essence: 5.5; Reaction: 5


Bike: 3; Computer: 6; Computer Theory: 6; Etiquette (Elven): 2; Etiquette (Street): 2; Firearms: 3


Datajack; Headware Memory: (30 Mp)


Decker; Elven Ambassador; Fixer; Dwarven Technician


Fuchi Cyber-4 with Response Increase: 2, Programs: Bod: 6, Evasion: 6. Masking: 6, Sensors: 6; Attack: 4, Evaluate: 4, Sleaze: 5; Microtronics Workshop; Tabletop Personal Computer (100 Mp); Yamaha Rapier


Natural Low Light Vision; Check for Allergic reactions


“They say that the Awakened have no touch for technology. Well, short, squat, and ill-favored, don’t believe everything you can hear on the street. I am the proof that a metahuman, most especially an Elf, can ride the Matrix and bend it to his will.”

“I am a technomancer, and there isn’t a drop of the Rain Dance in the magic I do. My spells are programs, offering reliability that no spellworm can boast. My wand is my Datajack, portal to the glistening scenery of the Matrix. My conjurings are electrons slaved to my will under the drivers of my most elegant and sophisticated software. You will find no better.”

“So, tell me what it is you wish me to do. If it piques my interest, I will essay the task and complete it to my satisfaction, which will most certainly exceed your requirements.”

“There will, of course, be a fee.”


The Elven Decker seems, at first, a contradiction in terms. He is living proof that metahumans can’t be stereotyped, and he is the first to tell you that not all Elves live in the woods. Magic has no attraction to him, and though he has the superior attitude of his bretheren in the wilderness, he has little use for their customs and practices. He is quite happy living in the modern technical world.

Character Archetype: Elven Decker

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