Character Archetype: Detective



Body: 4; Quickness: 4; Stregnth: 3; Charisma: 3; Intelligence: 6; Willpower: 4; Essence: 6; Reaction: 5


Biotech: 2; Car: 4; Computer: 4; Etiquette (Corporate): 3; Etiquette (Street): 4; Firearms: 6; Negotiations: 6; Stealth: 5; Unarmed Combat: 6




Bartender; Bouncer; City Official; Fixer; Gang Member; Gang Boss; Media Producer; Mr. Johnson; Decker


Ares Predator; Armor Vest; Investigator’s Licence; Micro-Recorder; Sony Pocket Secretary; Walther Palm Pistol


“They told me you were looking for me. Well, you found me. So turn on the sob story. I got the time. But first, tickle my comp with your credstick. I may have the time, but I havn’t got the interest until I know you have the nuyen. Time takes money, chummer. Just flick the stick into the comp. The box will dump my rates and sheet onto your stick.”

“The sheet will give you the highlights of my illustrious career: Maidens rescued (extra charge for preserving original status), the lost found, the necessary lost, but I don’t do erasures. No point in going on. I see by your eyes that you’ve already scanned the sheet. Charlie at the precinct, or did Stevie the Snitch pass it on to you? Don’t really matter. If someone hadn’t given you my name, you wouldn’t be looking for me.”

“Now, before we go any further, let me check the cred balance. Whew! You got my interest, all right. What’s the job?”


The detective has lead a hard life, balanced between the shadows of crime and harsh glare of Corporate and City life. Looking to keep his code of honor and justice intact, he must make constant compromises to make it through the day, or the night. He won’t touch magic, though his cases often involve it. And he won’t augment his body, though sometimes his resolve puts him at a disadvantage. He’ll tell you that a man has to stand on his own two feet.

Character Archetype: Detective

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