Character Archetype: Decker

The Decker Character Archetype



Body: 2; Quickness: 4; Stregnth: 3; Charisma: 1; Intelligence: 6; Willpower: 4; Essence: 5.5; Reaction: 5


Bike: 4; Computer: 6; Computer Theory: 6; Computer (B/R): 6; Electronics: 6; Etiquette (Street): 5; Firearms: 3; Physical Sciences: 4


Datajack; Headware Memory (30 Mp)


Another Decker; Fixer; Media Producer; Dwarven Technician


Fuchi Cyber-4 with Response Increase: 2 (Programs: Bod: 6; Evasion: 6; Masking: 6; Sensors: 6; Attack: 6; Browse: 4; Deception: 4); Microtronics Workshop; Tabletop Personal Computer (100 Mp); Yamaha Rapier; Ruger Super Warhawk


“Technomancer, that’s what I am. A wizard with technology, not that fuzzy mumbo-jumbo razz. The mighty computer is at my command, trembling to perform my every wish.”

“you want some Ice cracked, i’m your (boy or girl). I’ve got programs to slide past the best. You got a Shadowrun? No sweat. I’ve done ‘em, and got away clean, too. Ain’t no corps tracer or groundhound gonna pick up my trail, I hit them sharp and hard, then i’m away and running… a ghost in the grid. The only touch they’ll ever make is my street name, and i’ll only let them have that if I feel like it.

“You’d better have plenty on the credstick there, chummer. I ain’t cheap. I’m a big leaguer, not some junkyen runner. I’m slick and i’m fast, the cutting edge. The Matrix is my home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You ain’t alive till you jacked in and seen the electron horizon in cyberspace. I’m going places.”

“Maybe you heard of Fastjack? Well, forget him! I’m the hot new decker on the Grid, and i’m gonna put him in the history banks.”

Commentary: Decker is a console cow(boy or girl), a decendant of the computer hacker of the 20th century (S)he jacks into the Matrix to manipulate the dataflows to (his/her) own endswhile seeking the big score or the trick that will snug (him/her) firmly into the annals of the technomancers. (S)he skirts the edges of legality, overstepping them more than occasionally.

Character Archetype: Decker

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