Character Archetype: Burned out mage

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Body: 3; Quickness: 2 (3); Stregnth: 3 (4); Charisma: 1; Intelligence: 4; Willpower: 4; Essence: 1.4; Magic: 1; Reaction: 3 (5)


Conjuring: 4; Etiquette (Corporate): 2; Etiquette (Street): 2; Firearms: 2; Magical Theory: 4; Sorcery: 4; Stealth: 2; Unarmed Combat: 2


Cybereyes with Thermographic Imaging; Wired Reflexes: 1; Muscle Replacements: 1; Skillwires: 4; Smartgun Link; Skillsoft (Fichetti Pistol: 4)


Bartender; Mr. Johnson; Street Doc; Talismonger


Lined coat; DocWagon Contract (Gold); Fichetti Pistol With Smartgun Adaptor; Two specific Spell Focuses (1 point each, choose spells); 1 Trauma Patch (5)


Analyze Device: 5; Analyze Truth: 5; Armor: 4; Clairvoyance: 5; Heal Moderate Wounds: 5; Hibernate: 4; Invisibility: 4; Mana Bolt: 5; Mind Probe: 5; Sleep: 5; Telekinesis: 5


“Don’t listen to all that crap about a mage being on top of the world. It’s a con, a slick, a come-on… a lie. Casting spells is surely a kick, but it doesn’t last a lifetime. Even if you don’t get hurt or run the shadows, you can’t toss fireballs forever. Age’ll get you if nothing else does. You’ll be left howling for the touch of the power, knowing that to touch the power again will kill you.”

“So, what do you do? You take a good, long look at the writing on the wall, my friend. Like I have. The magic may work well for a kid, but nobody stays young. Sooner or later, you have to face the facts that bodies wear out. But that’s not the end, you know. Not anymore. They can rebuild you now. Make you stronger, faster, better. You may not be able to toss a fireball, but who needs a fireball when you can pack an HK227 SMG?”

“I may not be throwing fireballs anymore, but me and my HK Familiar can conjure you quite a bit of effective magic.”

Commentary: The burned out mage has become disillusioned with the path common to those capable of utilizing magical energies. He has bartered his magical capabilities away in favor of technological enhancements. The trade has left him bitter and cynical, at least outwardly.

Character Archetype: Burned out mage

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